Exciting Educational Adventure Field Trips

Build-A-Field Trip’s vision is to provide educational field trip adventures filled with exciting and challenging activities that stimulate each student’s imagination while creating lifelong memories and an appreciation for the environment.

Our mission is to create environmental stewards of each participant empowering them through education to share their knowledge, enthusiasm, and appreciation of nature!

Piper Spencer, Science Department Head, Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School

I have been taking students on Build-A-Field Trip adventures for the past four years. Prior to this, I had used other field trip companies, but they were lacking in key areas in which Build-A-Field Trip excels: safety considerations, alignment with state standards, opportunities for students to participate in the real science of keeping a journal, collecting and analyzing data, practicing environmental ethics, and enthusiasm. Our annual Build-A-Field Trip adventure is always the highlight of the year for our students and teachers!l

Piper Spencer
Science Department Head, Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School

Mr. Paz, Assistant Principal Aventura City of Excellence School

Our school has been traveling with Build-A-Field Trip for over 8 years. Year after year, our students not only enjoy their environmental adventure but also learn immensely from the hands on experiences they encounter. The level of professionalism and commitment has truly been extraordinary!

Mr. Paz
Assistant Principal, Aventura City of Excellence School

Dr. Sandberg, Principal, Franklin Academy

Traveling with students on any one of Build-A-Field-Trip’s field trips is always a true adventure. A true extension of the classroom, our natural environment becomes the venue for learning as their experienced instructors take our Franklin Academy students on exciting trips around Florida. Each year students look forward to their next trip and return with stories of their travels and findings. Thank you Build-A-Field-Trip.

Dr. Sandberg
Principal, Franklin Academy