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Belize – Rainforests to Reefs

Rainforest Plant and Animal Diversity, Marine, Barrier Reef and Mangrove Ecology, Mayan and Garifuna Cultural Immersion
Belize, Central America
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Belize Hol Chan Marine Reserve

Travel across Belize, the Jewel of Central America, discovering lush rainforests, colorful coral reefs, and everything in between!

Arrive in Belize City. Heading west to the town of San Ignacio, Cayo District, stop at the Belize Zoo for an introduction to the diversity of wildlife that call Belize home. With over 145 animals, the Belize Zoo’s focus is on conservation and education. Learn about native Belizean animals, such as, leopards, harpy eagles, and tapirs. Continue west towards San Ignacio Town and check-in to our hotel rest for the upcoming adventures!

Travel to Chaa Creek Natural History Center and begin a comprehensive introduction to the history and geography of Belize. Students hike on the Rainforest Medicine Trail studying plants used by the indigenous people of Belize to cure many aliments from the common cold to insect bites. Student groups visit the Blue Morpho “Belizean Blue” Butterfly Farm to learn about this beautiful species of butterfly throughout its lifecycle. Continuing the trip, students travel into the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve arriving at Barton Creek Cave. Canoeing through the cave with a guide, students use flashlights to illuminate large and colorful formations, Mayan skeletal remains, and other Mayan cultural artifacts left behind centuries ago. Returning to San Ignacio, in hotel rooms, students rest for the next day’s travels.

Departing for the village of San Jose, students visit the impressive Mayan pyramid of Xunantunich “Maiden of the Rock”. Xunantunich is located atop a ridge above the Mopan River, well within sight of the Guatemala border less than a mile away. Explore the ruins and climb the extensively restored El Castillo, rising at an impressive height of 131ft out of the jungle home to a variety of animals such as howler monkeys, jaguarundis, tapirs and the colorful toucan. Student groups discover a Mayan Market and shop for local souvenirs. Traveling south, stopping at the Marie Sharp hot sauce factory. Students tour this the world-renowned hot sauce factory before arriving in Punta Gorda. Check-in to the local hotel and rest for the next day adventures!

Continuing the field trip, students travel to a Mayan Village, home to the Q’eqchi Mayans, decedents of the powerful ancient Mayan civilization. Student groups tour a traditional Mayan home and discover the reach history of this village. Learning the ways of Mayan culture and participating in a traditional hands-on activity with the local community, provides students with a better understanding of this indigenous population that call Belize their home. Hike through a local National Park identifying jungle medicinal plants and native animals along the way. Students arrive at a spectacular cascading waterfall and enjoy a refreshing cool swim in the pool below under the falls. The journey continues crossing a hammock bridge before arriving at the Ixcacao Maya Belizean Chocolate Farm. Students learn the importance of cacao, a staple to the ancient Mayans, and make chocolate the traditional Mayan way using stone tools. Sample the chocolate creations before returning to Punta Gorda. Snug in rooms, students prepare for an early departure to the coastal barrier islands.

Students travel to Hopkins, a quiet, beachside Garifuna settlement proclaimed the friendliest place in the world. Learn about the Garifuna people that are decedents of African slaves and who escaped the Caribbean eventually landing on the shores of Belize many years ago. Students have an opportunity to discover the traditional African, food, music, and culture at this very special place. The educational field trip continues north heading to Belize City to board a water ferry to Caye Caulker. On this barrier island students begin their marine science encounter with an introduction to the famous Belize Barrier Reef, second largest barrier reef in the world. Check-in to the local hotel, settle in for the night and prepare for the next day’s marine adventure.

Begin the day learning about the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef with a presentation by local marine biologists. Student groups prepare for their kayaking adventure around the mangroves of Caye Caulker. Groups paddle through mangrove tunnels and observe submerged seagrass habitats, home to a rich and diverse assemblage of animals. Through the calm nutrient rich waters of the estuary, view sponges, algae, corals, snappers, stingrays, and even the occasional small bonnet head shark. Student groups gain a better understanding of the conservation efforts between human activities and estuary communities. Early afternoon, students board a snorkel boat and travel just minutes off island to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve beginning their snorkeling adventure. Students snorkel the pristine Belizean reef system and explore the immense biodiversity, identifying a variety of Marine life. Snorkelers dive down to get a closer look at snappers, hogfish, groupers, queen angelfish, parrotfish, and the elusive spotted eel, while discovering the many different species of hard and soft corals found in the incredible clear waters of Belize. Returning to shore, students spend time exploring Caye Caulker and shopping for local souvenirs. In the evening, a farewell beach campfire reflecting on the amazing journey through Belize.

Journey home with a better understanding and appreciation of the incredible Mayan culture, lush rainforests, and pristine marine environments of Belize!


  • Experienced and professional
  • Required to complete an intensive on-site training program
  • Present the program material in a way that makes it come to life
  • Lifeguard, First Aid and CPR certified
  • FDLE and FBI Level 2 Background Checked
  • ASAP-Camp Safety Certified


  • Self-confidence
  • Self-reliance
  • Teamwork
  • Friendships
  • Leadership skills
  • A “can do” attitude


  • Certified instructors
  • All meals and snacks-full day and overnight trips
  • Activity fees
  • All equipment
  • Transportation
  • Educational journals
  • Bus activities
  • Accommodations-overnight trips


  • Each trip is carefully planned to provide an educational and memorable experience
  • All programs can be custom tailored to meet your school’s individual needs
  • Level of instruction varies based on grade level.
  • All programs are taught using a fun, interdisciplinary and hands-on approach
  • Local history is incorporated into the learning experience
  • Scholarships available so no student gets left behind


  • Fitness level -moderate to high
  • Required to walk, occasional strenuous uphill
  • Must possess adequate swimming capabilities
  • Comfortable hiking and canoeing


Field Trip Pricing

All pricing dependent on group size, destination, departure location and date of travel.
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What’s Included

  • Customized curriculum and learning objectives
  • Personal Build-A-Field Trip Guide
  • Local Naturalist Guides
  • Activity & Entrance Fees and Associated Tips
  • Round Trip Airfare, Baggage & Departure Tax
  • Private In-Country Transportation
  • Accommodations
  • All meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinners
  • Personal Travel Insurance
8th-12th Grades
& Higher Education

International Student Educational Field Trip to Belize, Central America

  • Belize Zoo
  • Rainforest Hiking
  • Chaa Creek Natural History Center
  • Barton Creek Cave Canoe
  • Mayan Pyramid Tour-Xuantunich
  • Q’eqchi Mayan Village Tour
  • Garifuna Cultural Studies
  • Caye Caulker Kayaking
  • Hol Chan Marine Reserve Snorkeling